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Laurel Paper Shredding Service

Laurel Paper Shredding Service strives to offer you cost-effective paper shredding solutions for your sensitive business documents. We recognize you have to handle your confidential records with the highest levels of security. Shredding is an excellent solution as it will prevent identity theft and comply with all Maryland and national privacy laws.

About Laurel Paper Shredding Service

Shredding documents with personal information is not an option for businesses these days. Federal and state laws in Maryland prohibit careless disposal of employee and business records. Laurel Paper Shredding Service’s contractors are compliant with all of the laws in place and will send you a certificate of destruction verifying each shredding job has been properly and totally completed.

Laurel Paper Shredding Service will get you set up with the most reliable and affordable shredding service in Laurel and the surrounding metro areas. Your security is our priority. Let us help you get started on your shredding project today!

Don’t settle for any ordinary shredding service. Get the service that fits your needs and is cost-effective. Laurel Paper Shredding Service will send you multiple quotes for your area, whether you are in Laurel, Baltimore or DC.


Laurel Shredding Services

On Site Shredding

Shredding trucks come to your Laurel home or business and destroy your confidential materials at your location. You can watch the entire process to ensure it was done thoroughly.

Off Site Shredding

This is a “pick up” service. Professional drivers pick up your paperwork from your location and do the shredding at a local Laurel shredding center.

Hard Drive Shredding

Hard drives can be destroyed on site or at a secure plant in Laurel. Your electronic hardware is first shredded to bits, and then melted down for total destruction.

Document Scanning

Our contracted scanning professionals can scan all of your documents without interrupting the flow of your normal business procedures.

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Service Frequencies

Ongoing Service

Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual scheduled shredding services are available for those who are constantly piling up sensitive documents. Secure bins are supplied for you to distribute throughout your office and a driver regularly stops by and shreds the contents.

Purge Service

One-time or occasional shredding services are available for those who have documents to shred, but don’t regularly accumulate items to destroy. Drivers will stop by your location once and either shred your paperwork at your location or at a secure Laurel facility.