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Why You Need a Certificate of Destruction in Laurel, MD

All Laurel businesses need to shred their private company documents. One small mistake leading to a leak in information could lead to a world of consequences that will decide the fate of your Maryland company. So how can you be sure that your information is never seen again?

Certificate of destruction in Laurel, MD

If you need to destroy your documents, you have many different options, and you can choose the one that fits the specific needs of your business. Whether you prefer the convenience of on site shredding, or you need the power of an industrial shredder at a secure off site facility, it’s important that you are confident in the complete destruction of your information.

One benefit of on site shredding it that it gives you the ability to see your documents or devices being shredded at your Laurel location, right in front of you. This adds an extra level of security in comparison to other services, but even this is not sufficient in assuring that you and your clients’ information stays safe.

To ensure your confidential information is properly destroyed, you should have the company performing your services provide you with a Certificate of Destruction to protect you in any possible legal situations.

Providing Secure Shredding Services in Laurel, MD

Trusting that the company performing your shredding services will follow all safety and security standards should be a deciding factor in your choice. At Laurel Paper Shredding Service, our contractors are required to abide by all federal and Maryland data destruction laws.

Certificate of destruction for services in Laurel

Having faith in your shredding company shouldn’t be the only form of security you rely on. After every shredding service performed by Laurel Paper Shredding Service, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction. This document provides the details of your service, including the date, type, amount, and location of where your materials were destroyed. The certificate also describes more in-depth information about your shredding service:

  • A transaction code that can be used to reference each individual service
  • Names of any witnesses to the destruction
  • A reference to the terms and conditions of both companies regarding their destruction processes
  • The Transfer of Custody of the materials being destroyed from the client to the contractor

The more details included on the certificate, the better off you are. If there is ever any question related to the security of the documents you have shredded, the Certificate of Destruction serves as physical, detailed evidence of that proper destruction. If you are sued or audited, this certificate is what will keep you protected.

Before leaving the fate of your confidential information in someone else’s hands, be certain you are working with a thorough, reliable company that you can trust will provide you with documented proof of your shredding service.

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